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NexGen Process Systems is committed to assisting civilian and military airport installations with cost effective solutions to manage and mitigate the impact of spent de-icing fluid on local storm waters.   Our core expertise lies in two major areas, mobile collection and  passive collection/processing.   


Our mobile collection solutions include a full range of de-icing fluid containment systems including catchbasin inserts as well as 4 models of tow type or truck mounted mobile collection units.


Our passive collection and processing solutions include a full range of automatic fluid sensing units, ramp storm water separation and diversion systems as well as full range of process solutions including storm water treatment, glycol concentration and glycol purification process systems.   Our passive collection and process systems are capable of creating clean storm water to meet any  airport storm water permit level.


No one offers a more comprehensive package of integrated solutions. Our team of experienced and dedicated professionals deliver exceptional results by providing superior sales and design services and backing them up with industry leading product parts, service and preventative maintenance support programs.  




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NexGen Municipal

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