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Often Cargo and GA operations are not located in close proximity to terminal operations. This leads to difficulty when attempting to contain and collect spent de-icing fluid before it can contaminate local storm water discharge outlets.  


NexGen provides a comprehensive solution, using its ISOLATOR product line of catch basin inserts. Installed subsurface, these robust devices can be closed quickly to isolate the spent de-icing fluid on the sprayed surface, where it can be easily collected. NexGen offers both subsurface and drop-in styles, to accomodate any type of ramp condition.  To collect fluids at these smaller locations NexGen offers the T300 and T1000 tow type collection units.  Both units are self powered by a 29hp diesel engine and collect up over 100 gallons per minute of spent de-icing fluid.


Contact the experts at NexGen today to arrange a visit your ramp to discuss your application and permit requirements, then build and install a system that meets your needs. 



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